Team Tiering: Ringette Alberta vs Leagues.

It has come to Ringette Alberta’s attention that there are a small number of associations which have requested some of their teams be placed in tiers for league play that are not the same as the tier indicated by the Universal Athlete Assessment Testing Protocol.

It is the respective League’s choice to accept teams (or not) into their league and into specific divisions and levels (tiers).  Ringette Alberta does not have authority over this.

As far as Ringette Alberta is concerned, the level for all U10, U12 and U14 teams is the level indicated by the team’s UAA scoreThis is in keeping with clause in the Ringette Alberta tiering policy which states, Minimum team level will be determined by relative UAA team score”.

In other words, if a team’s UAA score says the team is an A team, for example, then Ringette Alberta considers that team to be an A team unless and until that is changed through the Team Advance / Retreat process.

For U12 and U14 teams, the UAA score, unless a retreat or advance has been applied, will be used to determine its placement in Ringette Alberta playdowns and provincials regardless of the tier it was placed for league play at the start of the season.

Finally, a team which is participating in league play at a level that does not match its UAA-indicated level is expected to complete a sufficient number of games against teams in their UAA-indicated level and other level(s) if it expects its retreat application to be granted.  These can be played in exhibition games or tournaments.

The routine of participating in league play at the start of the season at a level that does not match the UAA-indicated level is under review for the 2019-2020 season.

Presenting Team Alberta’s Canada Winter Games Athletes!

Congratulations to the top 18 athletes that have been selected to represent Team Alberta at the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer! After six months of training and competing for spots, the coaching staff is excited to announce the final roster. Thank you to all athletes who came out and were a part of this tryout experience. We appreciate the drive, commitment, and determination from the U20 age group in this province.

Here is your 2019 Team Alberta! Come out and cheer us on February 16th – 22nd, 2019 at the Collicutt Arena in Red Deer during the Canada Winter Games!



Concussion awareness and education

Memo from Ringette Canada:

Ringette Canada has completed the compulsory updates to its Concussion policy and Management Guidelines, following the work completed by the Canadian Federal Government. The Canadian Harmonized Sport Concussion Protocol includes templates for sports organizations to use and sportify.

As part of the continued effort to increase awareness and educate athletes regarding the dangers of concussions, the Canadian Harmonized Sport Concussion Protocol includes a Pre-Season Education Sheet. With a focus on athlete awareness, Ringette Canada is implementing the use of this Pre-Season Education Sheet as part of its commitment to increasing awareness and education of concussions. Ringette Canada will be requiring that all athletes read and sign off on this sheet for all programs under our jurisdiction.

We strongly encourage provinces and clubs to implement this procedure with their players and athletes. The process includes the following:

  • Distribution of the Pre-Season Education Sheet to all players and athletes;
  • Method or process that the confirms that  the player or athlete has read and understands the information on the Pre-Season Education Sheet;
  • In the case where a player or athlete is under the age of majority, ensure parent or legal guardian signature is also included;
  • Return of all forms to the team head coach for review.

For more information on Ringette Canada’s Concussion Management Guidelines and access to other forms pertaining to Concussions, as well as links, please click on our Concussion page, here.