Where to Start

For coaches that are brand new to Ringette, this will help guide you through the registration of course, ensuring you have the correct training needed and explain the coachingringette.ca & Locker website.

As a new coach, you will need a coachingringette.ca profile, by clicking the Sign Up button.

Once registered and logged in, it will direct you to your Status Page:

All new coaches, including Junior Coaches & On-Ice Assistants, as well as Assistant and Head Coaches, will need to complete the Coach Initiation eModule. Click the link “I want to compete this emodule” to be directed to the Locker.

If you have coached with another sport, you will likely have an NCCP #. If this is the first coaching, you can create an NCCP#. Using the: “Don’t have an NCCP#, Create one now!” button.

Once logged into the Locker, you will click the eLearning button on the menu and Coach Initation in Sport will be listed on the left hand side menu.

To access this course, there is a $15 fee, click PAY NOW on the bottom right hand side. Reimbursement is submitted to Local Ringette Associations, and varies by the association.

After you have completed your Coach Initiation eModule, you will be able to register for the Sport Specific Clinics and the Make Ethical Decisions courses.

In Alberta, coaches will register through “Make Ethical Decisions Module (AB) Clinic”, step 5 in Community Sport or step 7 in Competition Introduction. Once you click “register” it will direct you to the list of courses available. Click register on the date you wish to attend and it will direct you to PayPal for payment.

IMPORTANT: This Make Ethical Decisions Module MUST BE completed prior to access to the Make Ethical Decisions Evaluation. Do not pay the $85 fee, as Ringette Alberta will not be able to issue refunds as this is processed through the Coach Association of Canada.

Once you have completed the in-class session for Make Ethical Decisions, please allow up to a week for the course to appear in your Locker transcript. Once the course appears, you will be able to access the Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation FREE of charge.

The Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Evaluation is available through the same eLearning link or through coachingringette.ca – status – MED Evaluation (step 4 of Community Sport or step 11 of Competition Introduction).

Select the age category that best suits the athlete you are working with. There is now only ONE Online Evaluation for all levels of coaching.

* New and previous coaches, please note you do NOT need a check mark under Step 2 to be considered trained, this is the SAME as step 5 in Alberta (Step 2 & Step 6 in Competition Introduction).

The Sport Specific Ringette Course can be completed before or after the Make Ethical Decisions Course, but the Coach Initiation eModule MUST BE Complete. If you are the Head or Assistant Coach of a U10 Step1,2,3, U12B or U12C level team, you will require the Community Sport Initiation Clinic (one full Saturday or two evenings).

Click the Step 3 “register” button and it will direct you to a full list of courses available in Alberta for registration.

If you are the Head or Assistant Coach of a U12A, U14AA, A, B, U16AA, A, B, or U19AA, A, B level team, you will require the Competition Introduction Clinic (full weekend). Prior to registration of this clinic (Step 4), you will need to complete the Competition Introduction Workbook. Step 3 of the Blue Competition Introduction Status section, click “begin”. The workbook can be saved and re-entered anytime until it is completed.

Once the workbook is completed, ensure you click save/submit, and the green check mark will appear under the completed column of the status page. This will also open the registration link for the Competition Introduction Clinic.

The Coach Initiation eModule, Make Ethical Decisions Module (in-class) & Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation, and Sport Specific (Community Sport or Competition Introduction) Clinic MUST BE COMPLETED by DECEMBER 15th of the current playing season. 

Head and Assistant Coaches at the U16AA, U16A, U19AA, U19A level, and Head Coaches only at the U14AA level, must also complete the Competition Introduction Evaluation. Click here for the evaluation procedure.