Vision Mission Values Plan

Our Vision:

“Ringette is a prominent sport throughout Alberta played with pride by all ages, building well rounded athletes and strength of character within.”

Our Mission:

Ringette Alberta will achieve our Vision by:

  • Demonstrating effective leadership and good governance.
  • Providing high quality programs and services to member associations.
  • Partnering with our members to achieve excellence.
  • Marketing to make Ringette the #1 sport choice for female athletes.
  • Co-operation to achieve common goals: Competition on the Ice, Co-operation off
    the Ice.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Excellence
  • Human Development
  • Teamwork
  • Fun
  • Safety

2013-2016 Strategic Plan Summary

Strategic Goal: Sport Development
Raise the profile of ringette and actively recruit new players

Desired Outcomes:

  • Alberta leads the country in bringing in new participants into the sport of ringette
  • Ringette in Alberta is an easy sport to choose for average families in Alberta


Strategic Goal: Athlete Development
Create the optimal environment for the placement of athletes in programs and the subsequent training and competition for their long term development

Desired Outcome:

  • Alberta leads all other provincial ringette associations in providing an optimal environment for long term athlete development

Strategic Goal: Human Resources Development:
Develop the Team Staff and Officials that directly impact the experience of the athletes

Desired Outcome:

  • Ringette coaches in Alberta are highly effective and are willingly accountable for their role in athletes staying in the game and achieving the athlete’s definition of success
  • Regardless of level, officials are excelling at meeting the expectations of officials at that level
  • Ringette Alberta has the most Level 4 officials in Canada relative to other provincial ringette associations
  • We have a sufficient quantity of qualified officials to meet athlete program needs

Strategic Goal: Operational Delivery
Establish excellence in process and effectiveness of our Group Members (local ringette associations) and ourselves

Desired Outcomes:

  • Local Ringette associations in Alberta are future-focused masters at attractive, developing and retaining their athletes, team staff, officials and volunteers.
  • Ringette Alberta is a highly effective and respected leader in Ringette in Canada and a leader in sport in general in Alberta, that advocates for strong, healthy, confident girls and women.
  • We lead by example
  • We are a model Provincial Sport Organization

Member are welcome to contact our office for detailed information on our strategic plan including:  how we measure our progress; our specific 2016 targets; and specific actions