Travel Guidelines 2015 Playdowns and Provincials

Travel Guidelines for 2015 Playdowns and Provincial Championships

Only an Environment Canada Weather Warning (see below) or a road closure as reported on that is in effect 1 hour before the scheduled departure time by the participating teams will constitute a valid reason for cancelling that game.

Departure time is defined as the required travel time as per Google maps (origin community to the destination community) plus 1 hour.

Weather Warning: When the temperature of -40°C or a wind chill of -50°C as measured at the departure or destination community at 06h00 on game day by Environment Canada.

Team staff should reference the cited weather and road report sources in advance of their team’s scheduled departure and have a contact procedure in place to communicate a cancellation to their team members. Team staff must report the cancellation by email, in advance, to Ringette Alberta.  When there is the potential for questionable road or weather conditions, Ringette Alberta will endeavour to monitor the reports and act proactively however the onus is still on the team saff.

Regardless of the road or weather conditions, team staff must make responsible travel decisions. Failure to show for a game when the previous conditions are not met will result in a forfeiture of that game but this does not mean a team should travel if it feels it is unsafe to do so. The final decision rests with the team knowing that a forfeiture is possible; if in doubt, saftey trumps a ringette game.

Cancelled games may or may not be rescheduled. In the event the game is not able to be rescheduled, it will be Ringette Alberta’s decision only how the cancelled game will affect playdown results or provincial championship results.