Commitment to Attend

The deadline for teams to declare their intent to participate in Ringette Alberta Provincial Playdowns and Provincial Championships is December 15th of the given season.  

This list will be updated every Monday until December 15th.  Teams will be added once we receive BOTH the team application and payment.

Division Association Team Code Team Name
U12 A Beaumont Ringette BMT-U12A-1 Beaumont Rush
U12 A Edmonton Ringette (EFCLRA) EDM-U12A-1 Hurricanes
U12 A Edmonton Ringette (EFCLRA) EDM-U12A-2 Edmonton Adrenaline
U12 A Sherwood Park Ringette SPK-U12A-1 Sherwood Park Sabotage
U12 A South Calgary Ringette CSO-U12A1 Strike
U12 B Bowview Ringette CBV-U12B-1 Bow View Storm
U12 B Leduc (Jaguars) Ringette LED-U12B-1 Leduc Jaguars
U12 B South Calgary Ringette CSO-U12B-3 Eclipse
U12 C Indus Ringettte Assocaition IND-12C-1 Indus Lightning Dragons
U14 A Airdrie Ringette Association AIR-U14A1 Airdrie Sting
U14 A Bowview Ringette CBV-U14A-1 GnR
U14 A Bowview Ringette CBV-U14A-2 Bowview Intensity
U14 A Northwest Ringette CNW-U14A-1 Invictus
U14 B Bowview Ringette CBV-U14B-1 Ignite
U14 B Northwest Ringette CNW-U14B-2 Eclipse
U14 B South Calgary Ringette CSO-U14B2 Elite
U14 B St. Albert Ringette STA-U14B-2 St. Albert Shock
U16 A Bowview Ringette CBV-U16A-1 Blazers
U16 A Bowview Ringette CBV-u16A-2 Bow view Hype
U16 A Bowview Ringette CBV-U16A-3 Surge
U16 A Medicine Hat Ringette MHT-U16A1 Mud Hens
U16 A Northwest Ringette CNW-U16A-2 RMBL
U16 AA St. Albert Ringette STA-U16AA-1 Mission
U16 B Bowview Ringette CBV-U16B-3 Scorpions
U16 B Bowview Ringette CBV-U16B-4 Menace
U16 B Northwest Ringette CNW-U16B-2 Pulse
U16 B South Calgary Ringette CSO-U16B-2 Wildcats
U19 B Leduc (Jaguars) Ringette LED-U19B-1 Leduc Jaguars


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