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Airdrie Sting (AIR-U12A)
Bowview Attack (CBV-U12A-3)
Bowview Blitz (CBV-U12A-1)
Bowview Vipers (CBV-U12A-2)
Cochrane Rockies Cowgirls (COC-U12A-1)
Edmonton Thunder (EDM-U12A1)
Indus Lightning (IND-U12A1)
Lacombe Edge (LAC-U12A1)
Northwest Edge (CNW-U12A-2)
Northwest Intensity (CNW-U12A-1)
Red Deer Rush (RDR-U12A-1)
Sherwood Park Shakers (SPK-U12A-1)
South Calgary Thunder (CSO-U12A1)
South Calgary Venom (CSO-U12A2)
Spruce Grove AfterShock (SGV-U12A-1)
St. Albert Rage (STA-U12A-2)
St. Albert Storm (STA-U12A-1)
Strathmore Stealers (STR-U12A1)
Beaumont Rush (BMT-U12B-1)
Bowview Blades (CBV-U12B-2)
Bowview Thunder (CBV-U12B-1)
Cochrane Nightmares (COC-U12B-1)
Drayton Valley Vipers (DVY-U12C-1)
Edmonton Bandits (EDM-U12B-1)
Edmonton Eclipse (EDM-U12B-2)
Fort Saskatchewan F-ICE-TY (FSK-U12B1)
Hinton Explosion (HIN-U12B-1)
Lethbridge Velocity (LTH-U12B-1)
Medicine Hat Edge (MHT-U12B-1)
Medicine Hat Rage (MHT-U12B-2)
Northwest El Pase Libre (CNW-U12B-3)
Northwest Havoc (CNW-U12B-1)
Northwest Rage (CNW-U12B-2)
Pembina Thunder (PEM-U12C1)
Red Deer Rush Black (RDR-U12B-2)
Red Deer Rush White (RDR-U12B-1)
Rockyford Ringers (RFD-U12B)
Sherwood Park Snipers (SPK-U12B-1)
Sherwood Park Rebels (SPK-U12B-2)
South Calgary High Voltage (CSO-U12B2)
South Calgary Storm (CSO-U12B1)
Spruce Grove Ambush (SGV-U12B-2)
Spruce Grove Avalanche (SGV-U12B-1)
St. Albert Thunder (STA-U12B-1)
Strathmore Ice (STR-U12B1)
Bowview Devils (CBV-U12C-3)
Bowview Ice Illusions (CBV-U12C-2)
Bowview Vortex (CBV-U12C-1)
CalEast Sharp Shooters (CER-U12C-1)
Cochrane Angry Penguins (COC-U12C-1)
Edmonton Ice Breakers (EDM-U12C1)
Edmonton Velocity (EDM-U12C2)
Fort Saskatchewan Sassy Ice Breakers (FSK-U12C1)
Indus Yellow Lightning (IND-U12CY1)
Indus Black Lightning (IND-U12CB1)
Lacombe Edge (LAC-U12C-1)
Leduc Jaguars (LED-U12C-1)
Medicine Hat Ice Breakers (MHT-U12C-1)
Northwest Fierce (CNW-U12C1)
Pembina Orange Crush (PEM-U12C2)
Red Deer Rush Black (RDR-U12C-2)
Red Deer Rush White (RDR-U12C-1)
Sherwood Park Hooligans (SPK-U12C-1)
South Calgary Frostbite (CSO-U12C3)
South Calgary Ring Crushers (CSO-U12C2)
South Calgary Screaming Yetis (CSO-U12C1)
Spruce Grove Blitz (SGV-U12C-2)
Spruce Grove Ice Breakers (SGV-U12C-1)
St. Albert Reapers (STA-U12C-1)
Strathmore Ice Wizzards (STR-U12C1)
Fort McMurray Blue Lightning (FMC-U12B-1)
Calgary Blue (CGY-U14AA-3)
Calgary Red (CGY-U14AA-1)
Calgary White (CGY-U14AA-2)
Central Alberta Sting (CAB-U14AA-1)
Edmonton Elite (ERC-U14AA-1)
Spruce Grove Storm (SGV-U14AA-1)
St. Albert Mission (STA-U14AA-1)
Zone 2 Blaze (Z2D-U14AA-1)
Zone 5 Edge (Z5D-U14AA1)
Airdrie Sting Blue (AIR-U14A1)
Airdrie Sting Yellow (AIR-U14A2)
Beaumont Rush (BMT-U14A-1)
Bowview AC/DC (CBV-U14A-3)
Bowview Edge (CBV-U14A-2)
Bowview Riot (CBV-U14A-1)
Cochrane Rockies Anchor Events (COC-U14A-1)
Fort McMurray Attack (FMC-U14B-1)
Fort Saskatchewan Ice (FSK-U14B1)
Hinton Kryptonite (HIN-U14A-1)
Leduc Jaguars (LED-U14A-1)
Medicine Hat Tropics (MHT-U14A)
Northwest Summit (CNW-U14A-2)
Northwest Titanium (CNW-U14A-1)
Red Deer Rush (RDR-U14A-1)
Sherwood Park Elite (SPK-U14A-1)
Sherwood Park Snipers (SPK-U14A-2)
South Calgary Nitro (CSO-U14A1)
Spruce Grove Fusion (SGV-U14A-1)
St. Albert Incendio (STA-U14A-1)
Beaumont Rush (BMT-U14B-1)
Bowview Blackout (CBV-U14B-3)
Bowview Inferno (CBV-U14B-4)
Bowview Renegades (CBV-U14B-2)
Bowview Velocity (CBV-U14B-1)
Cochrane Rockies (COC-U14B-1)
Edmonton Velocity (EDM-U14B-1)
Hussar Fireworks (HUS-U14B)
Indus Lightning (IND-U141)
Lacombe Edge (LAC-U14B-1)
Leduc LA Nissan Jaguars (LED-U14B-1)
Lethbridge Hericanes (LTH-U14B-1)
Medicine Hat Impact (MHT-U14B-2)
Medicine Hat Rogue (MHT-U14B-1)
Northwest Aftershock (CNW-U14B3)
Northwest NRG (CNW-U14B1)
Northwest Outlaws (CNW-U14B2)
Pembina Vipers (PEM-U14B1)
Red Deer Rush (RDR-U14B-1)
Sherwood Park Sabotage (SPK-U14B-1)
South Calgary Nightmare (CSO-U14B2)
South Calgary Warriors (CSO-U14B1)
Spruce Grove Rogue (SGV-U14B-1)
Spruce Grove Storm (SGV-U14B-2)
St. Albert Thunder (STA-U14B-1)
Strathmore Ice (STR-U14B1)
Calgary Riot (CGY-U16AA-3)
Calgary Shock (CGY-U16AA-2)
Calgary Surge (CGY-U16AA-1)
Central Alberta Sting (CAB-U16AA-1)
Edmonton Elite (ERC-U16AA-1)
Sherwood Park Power (SPK-U16AA-1)
Spruce Grove Pursuit (SGV-U16AA-1)
St. Albert Mission (STA-U16AA-1)
Zone 2 (Z2D-U16AA1)
Zone 5 Pack (Z5D-U16AA-1)
Bowview Rage (CBV-U16A-1)
Bowview Royals (CBV-U16A-2)
Cochrane Rockies (COC-U16A-1)
Edmonton Apex (EDM-U16A1)
Hinton Fury (HIN-U16B-1)
Medicine Hat Mission (MHT-U16A1)
Northwest Force (CNW-U16A-1)
Northwest X (CNW-U16A2)
Red Deer Rush (RDR-U16A-1)
Sherwood Park Wildcats (SPK-U16A-1)
South Calgary Blues (CSO-U16A1)
Spruce Grove Ambush (SGV-U16A-1)
St. Albert Delta (STA-U16A-1)
Strathmore Ice (STR-U16A1)
Beaumont Rush (BMT-U16B-1)
Bowview Adrenalie (CBV-U16B-2)
Bowview Lethal (CBV-U16B-3)
Bowview Phantom (CBV-U16B-1)
Cochrane Rockies (COC-U16B-1)
Drayton Valley Inferno (DVY-U16B-1)
Edmonton Wildcats (EDM-U16B1)
Fort McMurray Fusion (FMC-U16B-1)
Indus Lightning (IND-U16B1)
Lacombe Edge (LAC-U16B1)
Leduc Jaguars (LED-U16A-1)
Lethbridge LA Rattlers (LTH-U16B-1)
Northwest Snipers (CNW-U16B1)
Pembina Rock (PEM-U16B1)
Red Deer Rush (RDR-U16B-1)
South Calgary Capitals (CSO-U16B2)
South Calgary Riot (CSO-U16B1)
Spruce Grove Raiders (SGV-U16B-1)
St. Albert Chaos (STA-U16B-2)
St. Albert Steel (STA-U16B-1)
Strathmore Ice (STR-U16B1)
Calgary Heat (CGY-U19AA-1)
Calgary Strive (CGY-U19AA-2)
Central Alberta Sting (CAB-U19AA-1)
Edmonton Elite (ERC-U19AA-1)
St. Albert Mission (STA-U19AA-1)
Zone 5 GRIT (Z5D-U19AA-1)
Bowview Fury (CBV-U19A-1)
Edmonton Shock (EDM-U19A1)
Leduc Jaguars (LED-U19A-1)
Red Deer Rush (RDR-U19A-1)
Rockyford Big Country (RFD-U19A-1)
Medicine Hat Penguins (MHT-U19B)
Northwest Mavericks (CNW-U19A-2)
Northwest Red (CNW-U19A-1)
Sherwood Park Kaos (SPK-U19A-1)
Spruce Grove Mayhem (SGV-U19A-1)
St. Albert Siege (STA-U19A-1)
Beaumont Rush (BMT-U19B-1)
Bowview Nova (CBV-U19B-1)
Cochrane AC Thunder (COC-U19B-1)
Edmonton Edge (EDM-U19B1)
Fort McMurray Fusion (FMC-U19B-1)
Fort Saskatchewan Ice (FSK-U19B1)
Lacombe Edge (LAC-U19B1)
Lethbridge Wild (LTH-U19B-1)
Northwest Inferno (CNW-U19B-2)
Northwest Vex (CNW-U19B-1)
South Calgary Surge (CSO-U19B1)
Spruce Grove Slash (SGV-U19B-1)
Strathmore Ice (STR-U19B1)
Calgary Blitz
Edmonton Ice
Last Call
Mount Royal Alumni
RQB Twisters
St. Albert Crew
University Alumni
University Ringette
University of Calgary Dinos
University of Lethbridge Pronghorns
West Hillhurst
Zone 5 Experience
Beaumont Adrenaline
Calgary Absolut
Calgary Avalanche
Calgary Blaze
Calgary Edge
Calgary FSU
Calgary Lions
Calgary Ruckus
Central Alberta
Edmonton Hornets
Edmonton Ice
Edmonton North Shore Fury
Medicine Hat Smash
Olds Maids
Sherwood Park Open B1
Spruce Grove Rush
St. Albert Senior B’s
St. Albert Twisted B
Triwood Defiance
Beaumont Rush
Calgary Fire
Cochrane Chaos
Medicine Hat Force
Rockyford Ringers
Rockyford Rush
Sherwood Park
True North

The deadline for teams to declare their intent to participate in Ringette Alberta Provincial Playdowns and Provincial Championships is December 15th of the given season.

Fill out my online form.