RAB is Hiring Part-Time Recruitment Team!

Ringette Alberta is looking for outgoing, self-motivated individuals to be a part of the Northern Alberta Recruitment Team. This group of young women execute Come Try Ringette events from Red Deer to Westlock/Barrhead and Hinton and help local associations to grow the great game of Ringette in their communities. This position is on a part-time, as-needed basis and is primarily focused on events in the fall (Aug-Sept) and Spring (March-May). Below is the job description and application information.We are looking for immediate hires that can execute events in mid to late August through to mid-September.

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New Approach to Grouping Athletes

Ringette Alberta releases 2014-15 Registration Guide – Parent Communication for use by Local Ringette Associations.

This generic document explains the new structure for ringette in Alberta below U12 and is a guide for associations. Ringette Alberta will assist each local association with preparation of a guide that is customized to each local association’s unique situation.  Associations are asked to contact Ringette Alberta to begin this process.

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