AWG Coaching Staff

Zone 1:
Head Coach – Loralee Eastland
Assistants – Ryan Klick, Marty Robinson, Ariana Herman

Zone 2:
Head Coach – Gareth McCullough

Zone 3:
Head Coach – Robin Morris
Assistants – Reva Muise, Sam MacGregor, Darren Hardy

Zone 4:
Head Coach – Candy Towers
Assistants – Kiana Froese, Larry Litwin, Jodi Smith-Dorn

Zone 5:
Head Coach – Todd Kosloski
Assistants – Bruce McGregor, Taryn Wolosyn & Lynn Wiker

Zone 5 WC:
Head Coach – Jason Stypula
Assistants – Jacinda Rolph, Warren Fuller, Tricia Smith

Zone 6:
Head Coach – Emily Boomer
Assistants – Cara Duley, Robyn Kerr, Vince Dixon

Zone 7:
Head Coach – Dale Noble
Assistants – Georgia Brickwood, Chrissie Irla, Jenn Burke

2018 Alberta Winter Games Head Coach Application

2018 Alberta Winter Games Assistant Coach Application

All Zones require four team staff members, with a minimum of two females (at least one fully certified female coach). Although four coaches is preferred for the program, a team may also include a certified trainer or manager as part of their four team staff members.